Recovery Residence

We are converting a historic downtown Barre building into Central Vermont’s first Recovery Residence for moms in recovery and their children. The completed project will provide shared and private living spaces that will house up to six families at a time. Due to an increase in the cost of labor and materials during the COVID pandemic, we turned to the community to help cover the funding gap for the project.


What is a Recovery Residence?

According to the National Association of Recovery Residences, “‘Recovery Residence’ (RR) is a broad term describing a sober, safe, and healthy living environment that promotes recovery from alcohol and other drug use and associated problems… At a minimum, RRs offer peer-to-peer recovery support with some providing professionally delivered clinical services all aimed at promoting abstinence-based, long-term recovery.”

Vermont Needs More Recovery Residences

Especially for Women in Central Vermont


There are currently no recovery residence beds for women in Central Vermont.

Source: Ryan, J. (2019). Housing: A Critical Link to Recovery. East Montpelier, Vermont: Development Cycles.

A Precious Gift

The students at the Montessori School of Central Vermont held a #GivingTuesday fundraiser to raise money for our Recovery Residence project. They sold hand-made crafts to raise $640!

These Walls Talk

This building was constructed in the early 20th century and was originally used as a duplex. Some historic features are obvious, like the beautiful woodwork on the newel posts, while others lie hidden, like the plaster and lath construction behind the interior walls.


The interior space will be renovated and reconfigured to house up to six families at a time, with private and shared living spaces and a community room for gatherings and sobriety meetings.

Historic Preservation

The wooden siding, windows, porches, and doors will be preserved, repaired, and refinished as needed in order to satisfy historic review funding requirements.

We Got This Project off the Ground Through

A Caring Community

When we were faced with a large budget gap due to pandemic-driven rises in cost for labor and materials, we asked our community for help. The response was overwhelming. Community members from all over Vermont — local businesses, major donors, charitable foundations and project funders — rallied to support our project. Our staff launched a crowdfunding campaign that brought in donations from California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington DC, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Texas! The strong support for this project shows just how universal and important the issues of substance use disorder and recovery are to all of us.

We have a deep sense of gratitude for everyone who cared enough to donate to allow this project to move forward.



The Hoehl Family Foundation

Thom & Karen Lauzon

Avada Fund of the
Vermont Community Foundation


The Alchemist Brewery | Anonymous (2) | Back Forty Fund of the Vermont Community Foundation | Ben & Jerry’s Foundation | beth mueller inc. | Chandler-Shreve Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey | Doherty Fund at Schwab Charitable | Bob & Kathy Elias Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia | Green Mountain United Way (THRIVE partner and lead agency of the Greater Barre Working Communities Challenge) | Hunger Mountain Cooperative Community Fund | Lawson’s Finest Liquids | Naylor & Breen Builders, Inc. | Northfield Savings Bank | Osprey Fund of Fidelity Charitable | Nancy & Steven Post | Scott + Partners | Helen Moore Von Oehsen


Anonymous (21)

Samantha Abare

Willow Aevery

Vinisha Agnihotri

Jim Alvarez

Jim Anderson

Michael Anderson

Nicola Anderson

Jana Andrus & Shakthi Dog

Janice Andrus

Lynn Ayer

Brenda Bailey

Erika Bailey

Danielle Ballenger

Mike & Debbie Bard

Dan Barlow & Phayvanh Luekhamhan

Timothy Barre

Linda Barth

Dona Bate

Hannah Bean

Jeremy Beebe

Lori & Russell Belding

Laura Beliveau

Colleen Boyd

Judy Brassard

Betsy Brigham & Brett Engstrom

Mollie Caitlin Brigid

Tamela Browning

Rachel Bullock

ME Mendl & Don Bushey

Mady Cantor

Josephine Carothers

Rae Carter

Jerry Caruso

Carol Casperson

Kira & John Charissakis

Heather Cipolla

Emily Clouatre

Muffie Conlon

James Conneman

Judie Copping

Wanda Craig

Ashley Cullen


Julie & Paul Curtin

Michael Curtis & Laurie Davis

Stephanie Daly

Jamie Daniel

Elizabeth A Danyew

Joanna Darmanin

Amy Davenport

Debra Davis Hunt

Rick DeAngelis

Mark Depman

Don & Marty Dewees

David Dickson

Ann L Dixon

Robin & Gordon Dixon

Sue Dixon & Dave Jonah

Cynthia Doherty

Tracy Donovan-Taylor

Maureen Dougherty

Roberta Downey

Lee & Donald DuBois

Alison Duckworth & Doug Bergstein

Pattie & Serge Dupuis

Casey Ellison

Vini KD Emery

Demetra Exarhoulakos

Peter Exarhoulakos

Joan Feierabend

Karen Fiebig & Marcy Ann Beard

Marlene Fielder

Stephen Finner

Geoff Fitzgerald & Ellen Starr

Gwendolyn Forbes

Kristin & Chad Francis

Patricia & Patrick French

Lane Fury

Liz Genge

Sheila Glaess

Katherine Greason & Jay Wiley

Denise Guilmette

Georgia Hadley

Cara Hansen

Mike Hansen

Nancy R Hanson

Sarah Copeland Hanzas & John Hanzas Jr

Sarah Hardee

Lori Leonard Hardesty

Gale Harris

Ivy Harris

Josephine Harrison

Paul Hartmann* & Barbara Conrey

Karen & Mark Hatcher

Donald W Haviland

Jeff Haviland

Kaziah Haviland

Zakariah Haviland

Job Heintz & Cristina Pellechio

Abigail Hickman

Rosalyn Hohner

Linda & David Hunter

Jonni Huntley

Ashley Jacques

Abbi Jaffe

Melito James

Jason Jarvis

Barbara Jenne

Sue & Martin Johansen

Dawn Johnson

Megan Jumago-Simpson

Claire Kendall

Paula Kerin

Kirsten Kersey

Matthew Kersey & Shefali Gladson

Michelle Kersey

Sarah Kinter & Thomas Curchin

Ariane Kissam

Robert Klein & Jean Vissering

Mary Krueger

Pete & Sally Kulis

Scott Ladwig

Gerald LaMalfa

Linda Lambert

Nancy Lawton

Mary Jane Leland

Lauren LeMunyan

Denise & Mark Leonetti

Doug Lieberman

Addie Livingston

Lara Lonon & Jim Robison

Sara Lory

Megan Lovley

David & Margaret Luce

Lisa Lundy

Kevin & Bethany Lunn

Faye Mack

Steven & Claudia Mackenzie

Wendy J Mackenzie

Nancy Mackin

Luanne & Ed Madison

Beth Maier & Robert Finucane

Daphne Makinson

Elizabeth Manriquez

Sheila Mason

Owen Daniel McCarter

Kristine McDevitt

Lee McLendon

Rachael McMillan

Anthony & Jill Mennona

Marc & Christy Mihaly

Penny C Miller

Carol & Dennis Minoli

Sue Minter & David Goodman

Mary Mitchell

Tyler Montgomery

Phillip Morse

Nancy Mosher

Cheryl & Daniel Moyer

Pegeen Mulhern & Doug Grearson

Timothy Mulhern

Mike Mullan

Delia Mundinger

Meredith Naughton

Polly Nichol & Cy Jordan

Elizabeth S O’Grady

Heidi Otterman-Wilds

Joel Page & Susan Batchelder

Eileen Peltier

John Perlman

Reenie Phillips

Edna Pilch

Jennifer Poulen

Robert Purvis & Susan Shedd

Betsy Race

Michael & Hannah Rama

Allison Randall

Joel Rhodes

Jeanne Richardson & Noah Sexton

David Riegel

Heather Ritchie

Helen Rock & Andy Jones

Kate Root

Craig & Jennifer Roy

Louis & Joan Roy

Kim Russell

Jonathon Salsbury

Sheena Saydam

Debbie Schwenger

Hillarie Scott

Sarah Seminski

Mercy Sheehan

Pat Shine

Carol Shults-Perkins

Geneva Smedley

Jason Smith

Torrey & Benjamin Smith

Connie Snow

Kim Souza

Joan Stepenske & Robert Troester

Elizabeth Stern

Peter Stroup

Barbara Thompson

Nina Thompson & Sylvia Fagin

Heather Usle

Christy Velau

William Von Oehsen

Jessica Edgerly Walsh

Meredith Warner

Amanda Whaples

Claire Wheeler

Shanda Williams

K Wilson

Melissa Zeiger

* Deceased.